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i realized, last nite, that i should be makeing better use of my resources near my apartment. it is completely free to rent dvds and movies from the tosa library, so on the way home from work, i stopped by to peruse their selections. i picked up secondhand lions (haven't watched yet) and de-lovely (been meaning to watch). so after asking christine how to work the dvd player, i settled in to watch the movie. it was one of those that you really have to pay attention to understand how the story is being told and narrated. basically it is a flashback on cole porter's life during the last 10 seconds of his life. they portray cole porter as an old man watching his life story unfold before him on a stage (seeing how he wrote many songs for various movies and plays i.e. anything goes, kiss me kate etc). at first the way in which the story was being told threw me off. but then i got more in to it and i absolutely fell in love. it can be categorized as a musical and the songs are fabulous. now i realized how much i want to buy the cd. i think i shall go to borders tonite and see if they sell it. it also made me consider having a 20/30's themed/inspired wedding. the jazz age is fun and so am i. :)

i'm now in full swing on a new research project. i'm not saying what it is though, for fear that people will copy me...b/c that used to happen a lot in elementary, middle, and high school.

not much to say

what to say...what to say. recently started talking with josh and rachel from wccs. it makes me happy to reconnect with more old friends. i wish i could take another week off and go over to wyandotte to visit everyone. i think it would be really exciting.

only 45 min left for the day. i'm trying to sign more people up for the week's events as well as for the one on sat. we do have a lot of people signed up already. i hope things go smoothly on sat. it always seems that we can never devise a fast enough system to get people chekced in soon enough. then people get angry when they have to stand in line and cannot start touring and talking to people. grrr. i wish there was a better way...must think creatively.

i do not get to see frankie this weekend either. i'm sad b/c it felt like i hardly got to see him this weekend with all the wedding craziness. that's one thing i don't like about being in weddings - you can never hang out w/ your date b/c you have to be up at the head table, or out dancing w/ the groomsmen you are assigned to and blah blah blah. it's crazy. so yeah. i felt distanced from him and this weekend he is going on his manly rafting trip aka a weekend brimming w/ beer and testosterone. joy. glad i am not invited at all. i don't think i'd be able to handle it.

i still have to prepare for the following weekend for wedding #2 - mac and chrissy - yay!! i know the dress i want, and now that my sweater is being returned to me i can wear that as well. i have to plan what i shall wear for rehearsal....i don't want to wear the same thing as last weekend b/c that would be weird (for me at least) and frank saw me in that too...think think think. i'll figure something out. we will be getting in to town late thurs nite and then doing god knows what sort of wedding related things on fri. the rehearsal is not until 4...but yes. should be fun!!! hopefully i will have a chance to see some of my mqt friends. i should call them...

that's about all for now. i had 2 cups of coffee today and now i feel kind of gittery. i'm typing way fast and have to pee again for like the 3rd time!!

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k smith's wedding

this saturday k smith and josh FINALLY got married. we stayed at the hotel all weekend in janeseville. it was quite nice. (no swimming tho and i'm sad about that). the rehearsal went well and we had a good italian dinner. then all the girls were up at 7 a.m. to be at the hair place by 8 a.m. i had to ladies working on my hair and it took them about an hour and half to two hours! it turned out quite well although it was expensive - $60 plus tip. damn. whatever tho. it stayed all nite and still looked good when i woke up sunday morning and had slept on it.

saturday went well also. krystle's mom was a little delayed so the ceremony didn't start till 2:30, but it was short - 1/2 hour and thank god b/c it was ball stickingly hot out! sweat was running down the back of my legs and it was sooo nasty feeling. we were in long dresses - we all looked really hot too. :) i got to ride in a limo too which was fun. we polished off 4 bottles of champagne..mwa-haha and some jeager too. num num good fun.

dinner at the reception was excellent - chicken cordon bleu. :) soooo good. i danced almost the entire nite w/ frankie and a few of my other guy friends. it was mostly our group of friends that danced. it was excellent. it was so nice to be w/ everyone again. now it's way more fun to dance at weddings than it ever was at frat parties. haha.

everyone headed out sunday morning. frank and i stuck around for the present opening. and then followed krystle to the new house in beloit. it's really cute - 1920's style dutch colonial. like any older house, improvements need to be made, but it's a good first house for a marrid couple. i'm really happy for them.

the only sucky part about this weekend was that i forgot my sweater - my good white gap sweater - in the room. i was sooooo upset w/ myself that i even drove back to the hotel even when i was halfway to milwaukee. my sweater was locked in the office and i finally called today and they had it. thank god. so now they are mailing it to me. it better arrive safe and sound in one piece clean and unharmed. i'm so glad that some mexican cleaning lady did not walk off with it. otherwise, i would have had the hotel reimburse me. i was sooooo pissed off last nite and this morning that i've had such a shitty day already. rarely do i feel like this and my coworker asked me if i was pmsing and i said no that i finished on fri, but it sure as hell feels like it today!!!

other thoughts: i can't wait to freakin leave milwuakee. i really really need to not live here anymore. it's seriously annoying.

wedding #1

today begins the weekend of wedding #1!! i'm excited. i have the bridesmaid dress and it fits. i have my super duper strapless push-up bra that gives me cleavage like i have never seen before. i just wish the back of the dress was cut higher b/c i have to pull the bra down so it doesn't show. but luckily it does it's job quite well!!!

i have the presents bought. i have my cameras - only two but i'm wondering if i should by more...just in case. i hope fran brought her regular one. :) yay fun.

the hotel is all set and i know what i'm wearing tonite for the rehearsal. i have to say i'm pretty sure for once i have not forgotten anything! yay me!

i get to see franny and frank tonite.

this is pretty much the only thing i can think about rite now and i can't believe i still have to sit here for almost another 4 hours! barf!

a hedgehog!!

ship stamps

i had to buy stamps today and i really do not like boring american flag ones b/c EVERYONE has those. so i looked at the others and they had ones with ships!!! it is honoring champlain exploring the eastern coast and they are rather large stamps, but all the same they have ships and it makes me happy. i enjoy sailing. a lot. too bad i cannot go this summer.

yesterday i got my bridesmaid dress back. it fits. that's all i care about. however, now i'm wondering b/c the wedding is outside, if my heels will sink in to the grass. if this is the case, i have to remember to bring my pink flats and pray that i won't trip over my dress that i didn't get hemmed. ugh. i'm also praying that it doesn't rain b/c our dresses will get ruined.

i'm very anxious and excited for this weekend though!! i still have a lot to do!! these are all the things i have to do yet:

1. go to southridge to get bra from victoria's secret
2. get presents gift wrapped/buy stuff to wrap them
3. wash clothes
4. pack clothes
5. get cameras

i think that is all....i'm hoping it is. it helps me to remember things when i make lists. now i'm just trying to decide which suitcase to bring - obviously the smaller black one and that way i'll be able to fit everything i need. :) excellent.

i'm reading a new book called "prep" by curtis sittenfeld. it is about this girl who is not really a popular girl, but has gone to an east coast prep school. it's quite good so far. hopefully i can have a few moments to read this weekend.

i have white nectarines that i'm waiting to eat. i'm so excited. they are delicious and make me happy. i've also been eating a lot of yogurt and cereal. num num good dairy and fiber!!! i honestly only eat meat on the weekends when someone else prepares it. oh well. i'm doing alright.

Ponies Gallore!!!

my trip to lansing michigan and fun w/ ponies.....

here is the day by day breakdown which is how i like to write these types of entries.

friday: left for chicago. stayed w/ frank. had fun.

saturday: took my big test in the ghetto although it was close. the allotted time was 5 hours, but i finished in 2 hr 45 min. not bad...but i am praying to god that i pass this test. i think i should. i couldn't have sucked that much.

sunday: drove to grand rapids. frank helped me w/ directions, and i made it there in a reasonable amount of time despite the initial construction which wasn't even that bad. i visited w/ my buisa who took me out to lunch where we met up with my uncles. it was fun - esp when my uncle through a bunched up straw wrapper down my shirt. yeah. great. then, in the early evening i headed off to lansing to see the great sarah!

** michigan drivers are the best for the following reasons: everyone does 65-70 mph and when they pass, they all get back over so everone behind can pass too. it's absolutely amazing. i love driving in michigan. i love you 70 mph speed limits.

sarah and i had a very joyous reunion. we chatted, and then went to bed early (as we did every nite due to our horse camp that week!)

mon - fri: up by 6:30 a.m. and out the door by 7:30 and at the barn by 8:30. there were 5 girls who attended the camp; all as sweet as can be. they had all taken private lessons with sarah before and were familiar with riding. the horses were all great too. no one got seriously injured. one girl did fall off a rather tall horse while riding bareback.

it never rained during the day. we had perfect weather, some days were scorchingly hot, others were just rite. there were no bugs. i got tanner and only suffered from minor burns and stupid tanlines.

i got to ride 3 times: on the trail, bareback, and on my friends horse. it was all very fun and i was sore! haha.

but i got to be outdoors all day in the middle of no where with people and animals that i loved. this may be my new calling for summer/temp employment!!

in the evenings....mon i went to play practice with sarah and darrin. they are directing the play of heidi. that was interesting as i've only been at 4n6 practice. it looks like it should be a good play. tues nite i went out to eat w/ andrea and emily at the mongolian bbq. it was fabulous and it was so very random to meet up w/ them in lansing!! wed nite i went out w/ andrea and her cousin and we had mexican - friggin delicious. i heart mexican very much (as well as mango daquiries). then we hit the mall and all in all had a good evening out. thurs i stayed in b/c i wanted quiet. so i was home alone with bandit, sarah's dog who is a joy (one of the few dogs that i like). then, when sarah got home from play practice, we chatted more as i was leaving on fri.

friday was the final day of camp and the girls had their horse show. it was really fun to see everything that they had learned and they all did a fabulous job. :) i think they were also really proud of themselves. then that evening, darrin cooked chicken on the barby for sarah and i. it was the best chicken i've had in a long time!!! yay for good food. then i headed back to chicago at 9 p.m. i don't mind driving at nite, but it was boring and i had to stop at a rest area to sleep a little b/c i was kind of nodding off. but i was very glad to see frankie!!!

saturday: laundry and tidying up. then out with krystle and others for her bachelorette party. it was a fun evening - a bit cliche. (i'm not so sure i want one). but we went to lucille's and got k smith up on the piano and they sang her a dirty song but only b/c i wrote "the raunchiest dirty song about very naughty things" on the request sheet so i could catch the attention of the piano players! haha. they even read it outloud and it was really funny. there were other bachelorette parties there too which made it kind of queer. one of them had a giant 2 ft rubber penis with them. this thing was huge and it was almost creepy esp when the girl was miming certain actions during her songs about doing naughty things to men's privates. sick. haha.

sunday: retirement party for my cooperating teacher. i kind of went the wrong way down this road b/c i thought it would be down there. i should have guess the first time that it would be out toward brookfield since that is where they live. duh. hello. but it was fun and i got there kind of early so it was one of those awkward things where i'm the youngest surrounded by all these adults. but then others arrived that i knew and it was fun. i drank beer and had good food so it made me happy.

then i drove back down to illinois, this time doding all the idiots and cops looking to catch people on the hol weekend!! lucky me! haha. i think i made it in an hour and half or so. woohoo. frank and i crawled in to bed pretty much once i got there b/c he had to work the next day.

monday: frank worked aka sat around waiting for calls. luckily no one contacted him. i drove ellen back to loyola and it was my first time going to and through downtown! but i made it there and back successfully. woohoo. yay me for navigating. then we went back downtown that evening to party at a friends apt on the rooftop. there were fireworks, but some of the buildings were in the way so it was hard to see. oh well. still fun. late nite food runs are good too!

tuesday: slept a lot. laid out at the pool at another friends house. enjoyed getting tanner. lots of babies around, but thankfully they were all really well behaved. more good food on the grill...and then more fireworks!!! these were held at oak fest and were quite good as we were close and they cost quite a bit of money so they were fun complete w/ fireballs!! haha. i've never seen those before and they are excellent. now i want to have fireworks at my wedding. hehe. i didn't leave chicago till almost 10:30 at nite. another fun drive home. i crawled in to bed at 1:30ish.

yes.....i love ponies and my boyfriend very much!! tonite i get my bridesmaid dress and it will be an early nite with almost zero socializing on my behalf. haha.

leaving for a week!!

yes, my faithful readers and companions, i will be out of town for a week. i'm going to visit a very dear friend whom i have not seen in a while. it should be lots of fun tho! i'll be in chicago tonite and saturday (sat is my test) and then on sunday morning, i'm going to head to GR to visit my busia and then on to my friend's house. i'm so excited for it all. it'll be lonely traveling alone, but i think i shall manage. too bad i don't have any good cd's. :( i'm too cheap to buy any.

i've decided that i need to buy a copy of the anniversary party. and by buy, i really mean convince someone else to buy it for me for my bday that is coming up soon!! but alan cumming made and starred in the movie w/ some close friends. they just ran around with a digital camera and shot scenes and what not. but it's a good movie, and i still don't know why i haven't bought it. so..this shall be one of my next purchases.

now that the day is over, i'm really hoping that i have everything packed for the week!!

i will update when i get back!!

baseball stuff!

i only worked for 2 hours in the a.m. and then we all headed to the brewers game. the morning started out a wee drab with showers and lightning, but then it cleared up and was a little muggy. i had some beers. num num good beer. and the typical tailgating food. it was so nice to have someone cook for me again! haha.

the game was brewers vs. tigers and the brewers won 4-3. this is good b/c it means a better chance for the sox to get in the playoffs which is really the ultimate goal. i kind of paid attention to the game. it was hard w/out frank there. he always tells me what is happening and why. but it was fun toward the end when a home run was finally hit. we were up in the nosebleed section and they had the dome closed so it was a little hot and stuffy. there were so many giant day camp and school groups in colored shirts tho. it was fun to see all the different people. i ate some delicious soft swerve chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream that cost me $3.50!! everyone kept making fun of me and asking for bites but i was like hell no. you can get your own. i deserve this!!

went shopping for fruit, cereal, and spinach. then when i got home i made noodles, spinach and cottage cheese. i friggin love that stuff. i made enough for about 4 people and i will eat it all! mwa-hahahaha.

today at work, i didn't really eat brekky - only a nectarine - so of course i was hungry by 9:45, and i had some veggies and a burger!! haha. it was soooo delicious. i needed the iron anyway. but now i'm thirsty and the cookies that i brought look really tastey too. hmmm...what to do....

tomorrow is friday and rite after work i drive down to chicago. don't know what the evening will entail, hopefully something fun. then saturday afternoon i drive to the ghetto to take my illinois teacher test. i have to remember to look over one more thing before i go too!! i shall do that tonite!!

then sunday, i drive over to lower michigan. i still have to call my busia to see if we can get together for lunch in the afternoon. then i finally get to see sarah whom i have not see since i was 16!!! oh what fun we will have!