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this past weekend frank and i went to mqt for jon and chrissy's wedding. it was really everything that a wedding should be. it was held at st. mike's church (where chrissy and i and our families belong) and they each had two attendants. it was a mass, w/ the ceremony in the middle. it was really really intimate and comforting. i liked it alot. everything went well. i read the first reading and didn't mess up. yay me. frank and i greeted too. we both did quite well. people are just naturally drawn to frank so of course, he sat most of the guests. heh. he looked really sharp and handsome in his new suit too. it was black pinstripe and he better look nice in it for $200. :-0

we went out to the bars, thurs, fri, and saturday nites. it was a lot of fun. i don't mind going out in mqt b/c the bars that we usually go to are all within 3 blocks of each other so walking is not a problem. saturday nite was fun b/c we were all dressed up from the wedding. so it was nice to have people stare at you. haha. i never got even reasonably drunk. i guess i didn't want to spend so much money. it was still fun though.

friday morning, we even got to have brekky w/ sarah and andrea. i wish we could have hung out longer or on more than one occasion, but weekends w/ weddings never allow for much wiggle room w/ other plans.

i'm still catching up on all my sleep that i lost from this weekend. see, even though i was out late each nite, i was still up by 7 or 8 a.m. b/c i wanted to play w/ my kitty, gatsby, or talk to my mom. *sigh* so busy. gatsby had worms so she had to go to the vet and get some meds to cure her. i helped my dad shove three pills down her throat. that was a fun experience. she almost threw up but i made her get a drink of water in the bathtub so then if she did throw up it would make for an easy clean up. haha.

sunday, we had brekky w/ my parents at the sweet water cafe. it was one of those granola-y cafes where everyone is into art, smokes weed, and doesn't shave anything. but the food is pretty good. i had pesto eggs w/ potatoes and ham. yeah...pretty much the best scrambled eggs i've had in a long time. soooo good.

sunday, we got a little bit later start than we had anticipated. i guess frank had wanted to be back home earlier than i had. but that's ok. i read my book, "the wild girl", out loud to him for almost 3 hours. it was a lot of fun b/c who ever reads out loud any more? hehe. i really didn't expect him to agree at first. and i was a little nervous, but then i eventually got in to it and read w/ lots of expression. it was an enjoyable way to pass the time.

now i'm back in the city. joy of joys. i've been living off my standard milk, cereal, and yogurt combos along w/ an occasional t.v. dinner for lunch. last nite i went bowling and had scores of a 122 and 142!!!! i've never gotten that high. maybe i should join a bowling league - i'd bet i'd be pretty decent. haha.

anyway, that's all for now.........i'm getting kind of hungry. thank god the phones are not busy, but we have several tours this p.m.



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