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every so often, i totally have a dream about alan cumming. not just about him, but that we actually interact. it was crazy and when i woke up i felt all warm and fuzzy. so here it is:

somehow, i had managed to find my way to his house that was on this remote island like piece of land. i guess he lived there w/ a couple of his close "guy friends". he warmly invited me in to his home and after a few days or whatever, i felt like we were friends. except i got really mad when i didn't get to sleep next to him and instead he and two other guys piled in to his bed. (i remember thinking whatever, i'm just as hot even if nothing would happen between us). then at one point, this building on the mainland just blows up. like majorly explodes perhaps due to terrorist bombing? i cannot recall. but either way, it isn't safe anymore where we are at and so we have to get back to the mainland to go someplace else. i remember watching the building explode from far away in almost perfect slow motion too. suddenly my sister is there w/ me and i am begging alan to take us on his personal helicopter. we have no other way to leave and honestly no place to go. i am literally groveling at his feet. finally, he gives in w/ that weird smirk on his face. we are back on the mainland and trying to follow him in a car and we almost get lost. in the meantime, we have managed to sneak our little orange and white kitty off the mainland. we stuffed it in my backpack tho it does not seem very happy. we are in a bathroom type area and this lady who i think is alan's manager, attempts to not let us on the helicopter. once again we are begging for her to let us on and finally alan tells her to let us come along. :) then i woke up.



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