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weekend update

fri - lunch w/ frank and friends at rock bottom. it was yummy. i had mac n cheese that was spicy. friggin delicious! then it was early bed for me as i had to be at the open house.

sat - open house was uneventful. only one person got lost but that's b/c they went in to the parking garage behind our building which doesn't belong to us, could not figure out how to exit and then just go around the block. soooo obnoxious. then, sarah and i went shoe shopping and then hung out at bastille days where we met up w/ jess. they worked the vip tent near the mainstage and i just sat there and we all people watched. there were lots of interesting people around too!! here are all the ones i remember:

1. hippy man w/ long hair, hat and seersucker suit (it was 95 degrees out)
2. lady w/ really chunky thighs who had issues walking
3. lots of homeless people
4. little babies in strollers
5. 70 yr old man w/ GIANT martini glass filled with wine coolers

it was def a most fun nite. good food, conversation, and laughs.

sun - i think i was up at approx 8:30 or 9. i just wasn't tired anymore. it worked out too b/c i got to tan for an hour and a half from 10 - 11:30 (it was soooo hot out i just fried and melted out there. finally i felt too gross and came in. then i met up w/ frank and friends again for lunch downtown. i made myself pretty so as not to appear trampish. ;) i think i did alright. i was back at the apartment by 4 p.m. played a little nintendo w/ mike and christine and then went to bed w/out dinner by 9:30. i don't think i should be going to bed that early b/c i tossed and turned all nite. i was either too hot or wide awake. it was very strange.

then i had messed up dreams and finally the alarm went off at 6:20 a.m. i made it to work on time today as usual but this time the door was open. thank god.

now i'm just trying to decide what to do for lunch. i'm thinking free dorm food is the way to go as i don't want to spend anymore money this week.

wedding #2 is this weekend!!!



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