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I'm not sure anyone reads this. I kind of forgot, but kind of remembered I had this. Looking back.......why did I write the things I did? I have no idea. And apparently, capitalization did not really cross my mind. How could I not? Now I'm psychotic to the point of OCD about it.

Since I last wrote in 2009, here is a list of all that's happened in somewhat chronological order:

1. Got married!
2. Bought a house (with a big yard, two stories, and two stair cases)!
3. Joined the French Foreign Legion
4. Changed jobs
5. Head Forensics coach at my new job
6. Taught myself how to embroider
7. Sewed an 18th century gown in a historically accurate way all by hand
8. Attend lots of reenacting events
9. For the summer of '13, landed a job at Old World Wisconsin (as close as I'll get to working at Mackinac Island)
10. Acquired an art studio (my first ever)

i hate technology

i hate it. i really do. i don't know why everyone must jump on the bandwagon, just b/c they think it will make things better. have computers made things better? kind of but face to face communication has decreased. have cars made things better? yes - we can go almost anywhere, but now we've polluted the air too much. the digital switch to t.v. broadcast signals: nice clear picture WHEN IT COMES IN!!

i enjoy watching nbc. i like their news, most t.v. shows, fine. however, even though their channel is now clear, it jumps and you get the little boxes and the programs sticks and jumps. so not worth it. i bought a new t.v. even though i would have been able to use a converter box, but i wanted a bigger one. i'm still using the same antenna. fine. i get 10 stations. woohoo. only half of them come in, where as before i had 8 and they ALL came in, though some were fuzzy, i dealt with it b/c at least i had uninterrupted broadcasting.

i just don't understand whose idea it was in the first place to try and convince the ENTIRE nation that "going digital" was a great idea. i have a feeling it will backfire like chicago math did for some states. you can't teach kids math by goofy visualizing and estimating. you can't expect everyone to magically have clear signals if they don't subscribe to cable.

now i feel really bad for poor people who can't afford the converter box. they are forced to buy one in order to receive t.v. even if they don't want it. it is an unnecessary cost that could have been avoided had the higher powers not pushed for this switch back in 2005.

i think in '05, when someone created the buzz about upgrading, everyone gets overly enthusiastic about something new without testing the new idea fully. it sounded like a good idea. it looked like a good idea on paper, but was it really thought out all that well?

furthermore, i looooove how the government ran out of coupons for the public. do they seriously not know how many people live in this country who are poor or too cheap to buy it at full price? if this were a thrifty european country, they would have GIVEN away the boxes for free.

i really do not enjoy technology. i never have. i don't think i ever will. it will always be a headache for me. that mainly stems from the fact that i'm expected to keep up with all the upgrades in my profession and implement them to the best of my ability every single time things change. that's near impossible. you know what my kids like: taking notes. yes that's right, they write for 20 min straight and no one complains. they don't beg me to create power points. they don't beg me to let them find this information online. they don't beg me to use a smart board. when it comes down to it - they want the old school way. i'm happy to comply.
today was alright. did my work. it rained - and we had a slight possibility of tornado touchdowns tho i guess one did touch in waukesha, but of course nothing here. now i'm not looking forward to going out in the rain and having my feet be wet. :(

my teeth are still sore. i wish this was not the case...but i want my teeth to be straight again. i guess 5.5 years of not wearing a retainer will do a lot of semi-permanent damage to a person's mouth. i still have to go to the dentist. i'm supposed to call emily b/c her dad is a dentist, and see if he will fit me in some time. grrr. i will wait till fall when i have dental insurance which will hopefully be better.

frankie is coming to see me this weekend. it makes me very happy. he also has some weird rash on his arms. i think they are mite bits (which is what my co-worker has too) and you need to go to the doctor to get special medicine for it which he has not done yet. i just hope it's not contagious poison ivy b/c i don't want any of that!!!

not much else is new.......got more books and cds from the library. i listened to les mis on the way to work and it made me happy!


my teeth hurt. i've been wearing my upper retainer for almost 2 weeks now and it seems to be getting more and more painful as the days progress. maybe they are moving more and more? i don't know. but then i have a constant dull soreness in my front left teeth most of the day. so i can really only eat softer foods. i have to let my cereal get soggy before i can eat it. how sad.

nothing much happened today. i had soup for lunch and it made me feel funny. it is now 5 and the phone still is ringing. only 4 tours scheduled today. not bad.
this past weekend frank and i went to mqt for jon and chrissy's wedding. it was really everything that a wedding should be. it was held at st. mike's church (where chrissy and i and our families belong) and they each had two attendants. it was a mass, w/ the ceremony in the middle. it was really really intimate and comforting. i liked it alot. everything went well. i read the first reading and didn't mess up. yay me. frank and i greeted too. we both did quite well. people are just naturally drawn to frank so of course, he sat most of the guests. heh. he looked really sharp and handsome in his new suit too. it was black pinstripe and he better look nice in it for $200. :-0

we went out to the bars, thurs, fri, and saturday nites. it was a lot of fun. i don't mind going out in mqt b/c the bars that we usually go to are all within 3 blocks of each other so walking is not a problem. saturday nite was fun b/c we were all dressed up from the wedding. so it was nice to have people stare at you. haha. i never got even reasonably drunk. i guess i didn't want to spend so much money. it was still fun though.

friday morning, we even got to have brekky w/ sarah and andrea. i wish we could have hung out longer or on more than one occasion, but weekends w/ weddings never allow for much wiggle room w/ other plans.

i'm still catching up on all my sleep that i lost from this weekend. see, even though i was out late each nite, i was still up by 7 or 8 a.m. b/c i wanted to play w/ my kitty, gatsby, or talk to my mom. *sigh* so busy. gatsby had worms so she had to go to the vet and get some meds to cure her. i helped my dad shove three pills down her throat. that was a fun experience. she almost threw up but i made her get a drink of water in the bathtub so then if she did throw up it would make for an easy clean up. haha.

sunday, we had brekky w/ my parents at the sweet water cafe. it was one of those granola-y cafes where everyone is into art, smokes weed, and doesn't shave anything. but the food is pretty good. i had pesto eggs w/ potatoes and ham. yeah...pretty much the best scrambled eggs i've had in a long time. soooo good.

sunday, we got a little bit later start than we had anticipated. i guess frank had wanted to be back home earlier than i had. but that's ok. i read my book, "the wild girl", out loud to him for almost 3 hours. it was a lot of fun b/c who ever reads out loud any more? hehe. i really didn't expect him to agree at first. and i was a little nervous, but then i eventually got in to it and read w/ lots of expression. it was an enjoyable way to pass the time.

now i'm back in the city. joy of joys. i've been living off my standard milk, cereal, and yogurt combos along w/ an occasional t.v. dinner for lunch. last nite i went bowling and had scores of a 122 and 142!!!! i've never gotten that high. maybe i should join a bowling league - i'd bet i'd be pretty decent. haha.

anyway, that's all for now.........i'm getting kind of hungry. thank god the phones are not busy, but we have several tours this p.m.
i'm so glad to see frankie and to be going home. that's all i have to say.

another day gone by

following harimad_sol style, i would like to take this opportunity to wish my dear friend Cate a very happy birthday!!! hurray for becoming another year wiser.

today went by rather quickly. thank god. phone was quiet. good convos always a plus. decent lunch - my nectarine was tastey and i think i prefer cutting it with a knife. i'm surprised i haven't resorted to that method sooner b/c i already hold the fruit engulfed in a napkin so i won't get my hands dirty and using a knife eliminates getting the face dirty...so yes. good thing i have figured this out.

ummm..wash is all done for this weekend. i think i'm mostly packed too. i just have shoes and toiletries to go. i'm wondering if i need to pick up anything while i'm at home.

i wore my retainer last nite. lately i've been clenching my jaw a lot and i think it has been pushing on my teeth. surprisingly my teeth were not as sore as i had expected them. i'm going to wear it again tonite and hope that it will slowly improve my shifting teeth.

apparently we are going to get some heavy rains tonite. just as long as it doesn't rain tomorrow nite when frank and i have to drive home - i don't really care. it shall be anothe nite of nothing. same old same old. i really hate that routine but i like not having to run around like a crazy person.
every so often, i totally have a dream about alan cumming. not just about him, but that we actually interact. it was crazy and when i woke up i felt all warm and fuzzy. so here it is:

somehow, i had managed to find my way to his house that was on this remote island like piece of land. i guess he lived there w/ a couple of his close "guy friends". he warmly invited me in to his home and after a few days or whatever, i felt like we were friends. except i got really mad when i didn't get to sleep next to him and instead he and two other guys piled in to his bed. (i remember thinking whatever, i'm just as hot even if nothing would happen between us). then at one point, this building on the mainland just blows up. like majorly explodes perhaps due to terrorist bombing? i cannot recall. but either way, it isn't safe anymore where we are at and so we have to get back to the mainland to go someplace else. i remember watching the building explode from far away in almost perfect slow motion too. suddenly my sister is there w/ me and i am begging alan to take us on his personal helicopter. we have no other way to leave and honestly no place to go. i am literally groveling at his feet. finally, he gives in w/ that weird smirk on his face. we are back on the mainland and trying to follow him in a car and we almost get lost. in the meantime, we have managed to sneak our little orange and white kitty off the mainland. we stuffed it in my backpack tho it does not seem very happy. we are in a bathroom type area and this lady who i think is alan's manager, attempts to not let us on the helicopter. once again we are begging for her to let us on and finally alan tells her to let us come along. :) then i woke up.

weekend update

fri - lunch w/ frank and friends at rock bottom. it was yummy. i had mac n cheese that was spicy. friggin delicious! then it was early bed for me as i had to be at the open house.

sat - open house was uneventful. only one person got lost but that's b/c they went in to the parking garage behind our building which doesn't belong to us, could not figure out how to exit and then just go around the block. soooo obnoxious. then, sarah and i went shoe shopping and then hung out at bastille days where we met up w/ jess. they worked the vip tent near the mainstage and i just sat there and we all people watched. there were lots of interesting people around too!! here are all the ones i remember:

1. hippy man w/ long hair, hat and seersucker suit (it was 95 degrees out)
2. lady w/ really chunky thighs who had issues walking
3. lots of homeless people
4. little babies in strollers
5. 70 yr old man w/ GIANT martini glass filled with wine coolers

it was def a most fun nite. good food, conversation, and laughs.

sun - i think i was up at approx 8:30 or 9. i just wasn't tired anymore. it worked out too b/c i got to tan for an hour and a half from 10 - 11:30 (it was soooo hot out i just fried and melted out there. finally i felt too gross and came in. then i met up w/ frank and friends again for lunch downtown. i made myself pretty so as not to appear trampish. ;) i think i did alright. i was back at the apartment by 4 p.m. played a little nintendo w/ mike and christine and then went to bed w/out dinner by 9:30. i don't think i should be going to bed that early b/c i tossed and turned all nite. i was either too hot or wide awake. it was very strange.

then i had messed up dreams and finally the alarm went off at 6:20 a.m. i made it to work on time today as usual but this time the door was open. thank god.

now i'm just trying to decide what to do for lunch. i'm thinking free dorm food is the way to go as i don't want to spend anymore money this week.

wedding #2 is this weekend!!!

blowing ass

life is horridly dull. i finally saw frankie today. we went to lunch as he and his friends passed through on their way to their rafting trip up north. but i'm soooo bored, lonely, depressed etc. i remember feeling like this at girl scout camp and not knowing what was wrong w/ me. am i going through another weird transitional period? it's been an entire week and not even chocolate or ice cream improves my mood. the best i felt in a long time was at sarah's house working w/ ponies. i felt so free, yet involved, and just overall genuinely happy. i should have just stayed there for the rest of the summer. whatever.

i'm writing my book though. that keeps me somewhat occupied tho it has definitely created a longing for other times and places. but i'm going to try and use my own feelings of loneliness and despair when analyzing the main character and writing from her perspective. *sigh* oh the agony.

i'm trying to get in touch w/ this lady to work at bastille days. i could make $10 an hour directing cars. mwa-haha. i really hope she still needs at least one person b/c that would be excellent. :)

ok i really don't have anything else to say. i have to work tomorrow tho. that should be fun.