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i hate technology

i hate it. i really do. i don't know why everyone must jump on the bandwagon, just b/c they think it will make things better. have computers made things better? kind of but face to face communication has decreased. have cars made things better? yes - we can go almost anywhere, but now we've polluted the air too much. the digital switch to t.v. broadcast signals: nice clear picture WHEN IT COMES IN!!

i enjoy watching nbc. i like their news, most t.v. shows, fine. however, even though their channel is now clear, it jumps and you get the little boxes and the programs sticks and jumps. so not worth it. i bought a new t.v. even though i would have been able to use a converter box, but i wanted a bigger one. i'm still using the same antenna. fine. i get 10 stations. woohoo. only half of them come in, where as before i had 8 and they ALL came in, though some were fuzzy, i dealt with it b/c at least i had uninterrupted broadcasting.

i just don't understand whose idea it was in the first place to try and convince the ENTIRE nation that "going digital" was a great idea. i have a feeling it will backfire like chicago math did for some states. you can't teach kids math by goofy visualizing and estimating. you can't expect everyone to magically have clear signals if they don't subscribe to cable.

now i feel really bad for poor people who can't afford the converter box. they are forced to buy one in order to receive t.v. even if they don't want it. it is an unnecessary cost that could have been avoided had the higher powers not pushed for this switch back in 2005.

i think in '05, when someone created the buzz about upgrading, everyone gets overly enthusiastic about something new without testing the new idea fully. it sounded like a good idea. it looked like a good idea on paper, but was it really thought out all that well?

furthermore, i looooove how the government ran out of coupons for the public. do they seriously not know how many people live in this country who are poor or too cheap to buy it at full price? if this were a thrifty european country, they would have GIVEN away the boxes for free.

i really do not enjoy technology. i never have. i don't think i ever will. it will always be a headache for me. that mainly stems from the fact that i'm expected to keep up with all the upgrades in my profession and implement them to the best of my ability every single time things change. that's near impossible. you know what my kids like: taking notes. yes that's right, they write for 20 min straight and no one complains. they don't beg me to create power points. they don't beg me to let them find this information online. they don't beg me to use a smart board. when it comes down to it - they want the old school way. i'm happy to comply.


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Feb. 19th, 2009 01:16 pm (UTC)
i had one prof in college who used powerpoint everyday...I learned nothing. I hated it. It was statistics too....how did he expect us to learn the PROCESS of going thru a problem if he just slapped the whole thing up on the screen at once. If I wanted to learn that way I would just look in a book.
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